Hola! Come and join us for international quilting, indigenous textile discovery and winter sun in Mexico this February for the 10th edition of the Mexico Patchwork & Quilt Expo and Festival in Mexico City!
A celebration of colour, innovation and Mexican tradition awaits at the 10th edition of the Mexico Patchwork & Quilt Expo and Festival in Mexico City from February 15th thru 17th at the WTC Mexico City.
Three days of workshops, exhibitions, a quilt fashion show, marketplace and presentations from renowned international artists such as Lea McComas (US), Isabelle Wiessler (Germany), Gillian Travis (UK) and Geneviève Guadalupe (US) amongst others, will culminate in a unique embroidery workshop Quilting Cruise which takes place amongst the floating Aztec gardens of UNESCO World Heritage site Xochimilco (sochi-milco).
All information can be found on our website! We can't wait to hear from you!

Zapotec Natural Dye and Weaving Workshop and Excursion!
After the Expo, on February 20th we continue on our discovery of colour, innovation and Mexican traditions and immerse ourselves in thousand-year old art and natural dye pots, in one of the most culturally rich regions of Mexico - Oaxaca (wahaca), home to the country's most vibrant arts and craft scene!
In this extraordinary, intimate and hands-on workshop and journey of discovery, we learn at the loom of our master weaver and collaborate with a co-op committed to using only organic, natural dyes in the Zapotec community of Teotitlán del Valle, where each member ensures environmental, cultural and community sustainability is the basis for their art.
During this five-day journey of discovery to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Oaxaca and the surrounding valleys, we'll:
• Meet and learn with indigenous wool weavers in a hands-on, two-day Natural Dye and Zapotec Weaving workshop.
• Discover the remarkable and diverse relationships between native flora and Oaxacan civilisations and their art.
• Understand the culture, history and identity of textiles in the region and their designs.
• Savour the unique flavours of the region (the first cuisine in the world to achieve UNESCO Culinary Heritage status and the birthplace of corn).
• Explore the archaeological site which has inspired the region's textile artisans for centuries.
As a capital of indigenous culture, we'll also have a unique experience in visiting the personal studios of master craftswomen across various disciplines from textiles to
ceramics. Oaxaca also intrigues with an exceptional, world-renowned cuisine, all of which places it rightfully at the top of the must-experience list for any artist and traveler interested in Mexican design, art and culture.
Come join us in Oaxaca and discover firsthand the unique ancestral techniques, tools and theories which are steeped in distinct perceptions of the earth and cosmos, all constantly brought to life in textiles, exclusively through the hues extracted from the earth’s plants and fibres!
For all the information, check out our brochure here