I am a new quilter (mostly piecing) but what consumes most of my time is that last year, I opened a new nonprofit that serves refugees, Refugee Disability Benefits Oregon (rdbo.org).  I am the non-salaried full-time Executive Director.

We are planning a fundraising event to help the refugee families that we work with.  As you can imagine, it's hard enough to be a refugee but having a disability in addition makes it especially hard on the entire family.

Because I am crazy about quilts, we plan to have a quilt auction at our Winter fundraising event.  Attendees will bid on quilts which will then be donated to Oregon refugee families.  The refugee family gets the wonderful quilt and RDBO would get the proceeds, to support our work. I envision the room hung with quilts!

We would deeply appreciate your donated quilts.  We are a 501c3 so all donations are tax-deductible.  I am planning to quilt like crazy from now until then but I can't produce that much!

Yours in quilting,
Cheryl Coon
cheryl@rdbo.org or cherylfcoon@gmail.com